Monday, November 19, 2018

DIY Pearl Flower Picks

I’m making pearl flowers to use in bouquets, boutonnières, and flower arrangements - about 370 of them! Most of them will be of ivory pearls & champagne faceted beads like the ones above. I also plan on using some other colors. 

Materials needed: 

6mm ivory pearls
6mm faceted champagne beads
Beading wire (I used 0.3mm gold wire this time. In the 
future I plan to use 0.5mm to make them a bit sturdier)

Begin by cutting a piece of wire 16-20” and bending it in half. Thread 6 pearls onto the cut ends of the doubled wire. 
Cross one side of the wire over the other with the pearls in-between. Twist the wires together close to the pearls 3 times.
Hold the wires together and bend across to the center of the circle, pushing them down in the middle until the 
twisted portion of the wires is in-between the pearls. 

Next bend the connected portion of the wire back to the 
outside of the ring, leaving the loose ends bent towards the middle. 
Thread the champagne bead onto the loose wires, move bead to the center of the ring, and bend the wires 
between the 2 pearls on the opposite side of the ring and back to the bottom.
Bring both wires together in the middle & twist tightly together. 
Continue twisting until you reach the end & trim. Ta da!

They can be used as is in many instances, but if too short for some arrangements you can use florist tape to attach it to a flower pick. 

369 more to go...

Monday, November 12, 2018

A Special Table: Tabletop Design

Putting it all together, I’ve had to rethink some decisions I thought were made. The invitations and signs I wanted to use just didn’t work with the decor my heart was set on, they were too modern. The look I’m going for is elegant & luxurious: lace, mercury glass, champagne, gold, pearls - almost Victorian.

I’m not a graphic designer by any means (my proportions all off) but, using some Adobe apps on my iPad, I managed to put together mock ups of my centerpieces, place settings, etc.

I’ve decided on the navy embroidered/ sequin lace over champagne satin tablecloths with champagne satin napkins. The chargers will have a gold mercury glass finish and pearls around the edge. The napkin rings will be navy organza flowers with pearl beaded centers and pearl mesh bands. Round menu cards of gold leaf on ivory cardstock will be backed by navy doilies.The flatware is gold tone and the plates ivory with gold rims.

I’m making centerpieces using tall gold mercury glass cylinder vases (that I’m DIYing) with a ring of baby’s breath and navy calla lilies, and tall gold branches with fairy lights, and hanging strands of pearls with a crystal drop at the end. 
  • Smaller flower arrangements will be part of the place settings, using gold mercury glass votives as vases. 
  • Candleholders of bowl vases on gold glass candlesticks will have pearl filler and gold mercury glass candleholders inside.  
  • Small tea light holders of gold glass with navy bead trim will be scattered around the tables. 
I may use LED lights in some places, I don’t want to burn the place down, lol.

There won’t be assigned seating so I don’t need table numbers or placecards. As small as it’s going to be I think it would be silly.

There will be a frame on each table ( gold with pearls, yes again) that will have a drink menu on one side and a kissing menu on the other. 

I’d never heard of a kissing menu before but it’s a fun idea. Basically, clinking on glasses doesn’t get you anything. If you want to see the bride & groom kiss, you have to do something first: serenade them, do a charade or a dance, tell a joke or funny story, make a toast... I love this!

I’m going to make chair covers to match the overlays for both the ceremony and reception chairs. The navy lace will be gathered together at the back with a clasp consisting of a champagne organza flower with a beaded pearl center and a pearl mesh ring (like the napkin rings).
For the head table I’m making a lower centerpiece of flowers in a gold mercury glass compote vase. In some other areas I’m using pomander balls of champagne roses on top of tall gold mercury glass candlesticks wiSo here is a picture showing all the different pieces I’ll be making (and this is just the reception!).

Currently I’m working on the organza flowers; almost done with the navy ones. Then I’ll be making about 60 more in champagne.

Back to work for me!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

My Wedding Look

I’ve found some dresses that I like and they’re all quite different. No matter which I get it will be in a champagne color. Fortunately, I have time to decide. Opinions?
#1. I love the satin, the lace & illusion top, & the sleeves. It’s modest but sexy at the same time.
#2. It’s a bit 40’s, which I love! The brocade skirt, sequin bodice, & chiffon sleeves are a glamorous combination. 
#3. I absolutely love the leaf pattern lace on this one. The illusion top is pretty & would make me feel less worried about any pop out accidents. It also has a lace up back which is something I really like, not just for the appearance but for the better fit.
#4. I think the wrapped bodice and draped panel on the front would be flattering, and the hand made flowers add a special touch.
#5. This one just looks so elegant & luxurious to me! The pleating on the front & lace up back would make it a flattering fit.

These hairstyles are all similar, a loose updo with some wisps or curls framing the face. I want to add a hair vine or comb with gold & pearls. Since I’m not wearing a veil or hat I can have a more elaborate hairstyle.  

I’m sticking with low heels. The old girls can’t handle high heels anymore, champagne satin w/ a rhinestone clip will work well. My jewelry I want to be gold & pearls. I really like the necklace that’s kind of offset, but I can’t decide that until I decide on the dress. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Flowers, and Pearls, and Pins - Oh, My!

while back I saw the organza flowers above and thought they would make pretty fasteners for the chair sashes and napkin rings. Of course, my second thought was - I can make those! I went on Pinterest and found several tutorials. I just ordered the supplies I need to make 58 in navy and 28 in champagne. I’m going to make rings out of pearl mesh and Velcro, then hot glue the flowers on.

I was planning to use fresh flowers for the bouquets, boutonnières, and corsages, but I’ve decided to go in a different direction. 

Brooch Bouquets are all over now, and are so beautiful and glamorous! I can’t resist. Since I needed pearls for the organza flowers, I ordered enough to make a number of pearl “flower” clusters that can be used in addition to brooches for all the flower arrangements in the ceremony and reception, as well as bouquets, etc. 
Using premade handles, I’ll make champagne and navy satin  roses for the foundation and add the brooches and pearl flowers on top. My bouquet will be of champagne roses with gold/pearl and gold/navy brooches, pearl flowers, and have draped pearls like those shown above. My MOH’s bouquet will be of navy satin flowers, similar to mine, but a bit smaller & without the hanging strands.
I’ll make the boutonnieres and corsages to coordinate with the bouquets. After the organza flowers and pearl flowers are completed, I’ll get to work on the brooch picks and satin roses. 

All flower arrangements will have pearl flowers and brooch picks, so I’m going to need a lot. My calculations are:
  • Pearl flowers = 420
  • Brooch picks = 240
I’d better get to work! When I get some done I’ll post some pics.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

A Special Table: Linens

I haven't posted in over a week, so I figured I'd share some of my reception decorating plans, in particular: linens.

A good lace is such a pretty look! It fits in with my elegant/luxe theme. I’ve decided that I’d like to use a satin tablecloth with an overlay of lace with sequins & embroidery. I'm going to purchase the satin tablecloths, you can get them very inexpensively, but I'm going to make the lace overlays. One reason for that is cost. Anything I've found ready-made that I really like is prohibitively expensive. In addition, if I make 
them, I can make matching chair sashes, which you typically can't find.

The dining room we'll be in has 4' square tables which means we’ll need 14 tables in all. This makes the linen cost more expensive than if we were using larger round tables, but not having to rent the tables makes up for it.   

I can find 90" square satin tablecloths & I'll make 72" square overlays that we'll lay on the diagonal.

These are the tables & chairs.

The wood chairs have slats on the back. To pretty them up I plan to cut some satin table runners in half and sort of wrap them over the back hanging down. I'll then tie a lace sash around like you normally would.

This is the idea, but not as fancy.

My colors are navy & champagne with gold & pearl accents.  So,  the question becomes:

champagne satin with a navy lace overlay,

 or navy satin with a champagne lace overlay.
I also found one fabric that is sort of modern and has both colors (it’s in both pictures above). It  could be used either way, which is kind of cool. 

What do you think? Please let me know in the comments.  I'm torn!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

You’re Invited!

My friend Susan has a Silouette machine & offered to help me out with the wedding. I didn’t know what it was or what could be done using it. She told me it cuts vinyl. Hmm, OK. Research time! I spent hours on the internet learning all about these machines and, wow!, they are so cool! There are so many ways I could use one: invitations, signs, decor, that I decided I just need to get one myself. It would pay for itself just using it for the invitations (because naturally the ones I want are really expensive).

After much research, I’ve decided to get both the Cricut Explore Air 2 and a Cricut Cuttlebug. Between the two I can do fancy cutting, drawing, gold foiling, and embossing. Now I’m saving up the money & waiting for a good sale. 
I’ve fallen in love with the “laser cut” type of invitation.
Aren’t they gorgeous? I want to go with the folder type that has a pocket in which you can put all the extra stuff (RSVP card & envelope, directions, accommodation info, etc.). The actual invitation goes on the inside flap; for that I’m leaning toward using letterpress text and gold foil accents

I can use the Explore Air 2 to cut the folder design & add the gold foil, and the Cuttlebug to do the letterpress printing. I may end up using the Cuttlebug for the gold foil too. There are a couple of ways to accomplish it. The plan is to try both & see what looks best.  

There are 3 different scenarios I’ve developed, in terms of colors, etc., and I mocked up some pictures so I could get an idea of how they would look.

The 1st has navy shimmer “laser cut” covers, while the printed portions are on cream cardstock w/ a modern navy watercolor & gold foil design, and a shimmer champagne backer. The signage would be on glass or plexi with gold lettering on the front and navy paint on the back. I’d use a gold pen on slices of blue agate for the placecards. 

The 2nd scenario uses metallic gold for the covers, with a leaf design in gold foil on matte navy for the cards, and glitter gold backers. Lots gold in this one, it’ s the most “glam” alternative. Signs would be navy with gold lettering and the placecards would be gold flowers with blue pearl centers and a navy/gold card.

Scenario 3 is more elegant and utilizes champagne shimmer covers with matte ivory cards that have an embossed design, navy print, and tiny pearl accents with a navy shimmer backer. The signs would be navy shimmer backing with a champagne shimmer cut design center, navy print, and pearl accents on the frames. The placecards would be oyster shells, edged in gold, with a large pearl accent and the names written in gold. This set uses pearls for accents in many places.
What do you think? Leave me a comment! 

I’m going to show my fiancé to see what he likes and we’ll make a decision.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

The Woodford Inn

We went to the Woodford Inn today and have decided that it’s the place! We know the food is great and the rooms are really nice. Kim, the Manager, has been absolutely awesome about getting me any information I need and will act as “day of” coordinator, which is worth a lot


We plan to have the ceremony in the front yard and the reception in the main dining room. 

They have live music in the pavilion on Saturday nights, so we can listen to their band for free!

I like the idea that we and our families can stay there and spend time together without worrying about transportation, etc. Everything will be convenient. We have a block of rooms reserved. Todd & I get the honeymoon suite of course! It’s close to a number of Bourbon distilleries, just one thing to keep the family entertained during the day.  

One major goal accomplished!

DIY Pearl Flower Picks

I’m making pearl flowers to use in bouquets, boutonnières, and flower arrangements - about 370 of them! Most of them will be of ivory ...